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Our team of trained programmers and IT support staff will make sure your website is safe, secure and running smoothly.

Website security and digital firewalls are critical in today’s business environment.  Customers want fast, reliable website speed and demand that all of their information is secure as well.  Regardless of what device customers use or where they access your website, they expect those things to be in place.

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MediaProNow - Web Hosting Solutions - More Reliability

More reliability compared to shared hosting

Our dedicated hosting gives you an entire server all to yourself. That means that your website won’t ever be denied access to the resources it needs to handle traffic, media, and more. You’ll never have to be concerned about your website going down or being temporarily unavailable.

Better performance compared to when resources are shared

Higher performance is also the result of dedicated hosting. Just as you won’t have to be concerned with your website being unreliable or going down; so too, your site’s performance will be more reliable and things run quicker and it’s more efficient. So, you won’t have to be worried about high volumes of traffic every day or high res photos or videos. The dedicated server truly eliminates that concern.

MediaProNow - Web Hosting Solutions - Better Performance
MediaProNow - Web Hosting Solutions - Dedicated Server

Dedicated server hosting offers more control and flexibility

With our dedicated web hosting solutions give you all the control you need for growing your business. We can manage everything for you so you can focus all of your efforts on your business goal, objective and on expanding it.

When we provide dedicated hosting for you it removes the risk of being affected by security vulnerabilities from other websites. With a dedicated server, your websites are the only sites on the server. That means security issues like malware, hacks and viruses won’t get through because of another website’s lack of security. Talk to one of our web hosting specialists today!

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